Electrical Work

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Electrical Contracting

J and J Electrical Services have vast experience in all aspects of Domestic, Commercial & Industrial installation.

We carry out all types of electrical installations, maintenance and repairs.


It is essential that home wiring is safe. As with any other material, electrical cables have a lifespan.

Rewiring includes the installation of new circuit breakers complete with all new cabling and electrical accessories throughout, and the removal of old redundant wiring and accessories. The installations incorporate all up to date safety earth bonding to current standards.

We rewire homes, offices and other public and private buildings. Contact Us for more information about cost on rewiring homes.

Extra Sockets & Lights

Do you need an extra socket? Are you overwhelmed with extension leads all over your floor? The solution is very simple – installation of additional sockets. The same applies to lights such as loft lighting, garage lights or shed lights.

Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

It is paramount that all your Electrical appliances and installations are tested and maintained. Commercial and industrial environments especially require electrical certification as to the condition of the wiring.