• The Law demands that employers ensure that portable appliances are safe. Testing must be carried out in all working environments and faults immediately reported and rectified.
  • Appliances that are brought to work by employees (for example: Laptop computers, mobile phone chargers, kettles) also require testing as if they were the property of the business.
  • Portable appliances include:
  • IT portable equipment, kettles, photocopiers, fridges, televisions, musical instruments, extension leads, all types of electrical tools, heaters and others.
  • To comply with the Health & Safety & Electricity at Work Regulations requirements for safe use of portable appliances used by staff and/or general public, the following must be completed:
  • A record of all tests visual and instrument should be carried out on a regular basis subject to the environment in which the appliances are used.
  • A maximum test period should be no more than 12 months